Emacs as an operating system

Emacs is sometimes jokingly called a good operating system with a bad text editor. Over the last year, I found myself using more and more of Emacs, so I decided to try out how much of an operating system it is. Of course, operating system here is referring to the programs that the user interacts with, although I would love to try out some sort of Emacs-based kernel.

Emacs and extensibility

Update: I’ve put the small Emacs tools I have written to a gist.

I have been using Emacs for some time, and I really love it. The amount of power it has, and the customizability is incredible. What other editor allow you to connect to a server over SSH and edit files, which is what I am doing to write this post. How many editors or IDE’s have support for so many languages?

Motion Interpolation: 24 FPS to 60 FPS with mpv, VapourSynth and MVTools

Watching videos at 60 FPS is great. It makes the video significantly smoother and much more enjoyable. Sadly, lots of movies and TV shows are still at 24 FPS. However, I recently discovered that it is actually possible to interpolate the extra frames by using motion interpolation, and convert a video from 24 FPS to 60 FPS in real time. While it is far from perfect, I think the visual artifacts are a reasonable tradeoff for high framerate.

Taking Backups with Duplicity

I wanted to start taking backups for some time, but I haven’t had the time to do any research and set everything up. After reading another horror story that was saved by backups, I decided to start taking some backups.

Writing a Program in Bash

I don’t really know why, but writing code in Bash makes me kinda anxious. It feels really old, outdated, and confusing. Why can’t a function return a string? And no classes, or even data types? After getting confused, usually, I just end up switching to Python.

Switching to pass

For some time, I used LastPass to store my passwords. While LastPass works well, it doesn’t fit into the keyboard driven setup I have. I have been looking into alternatives for some time, I looked into KeePassX but just like LastPass, it doesn’t give me any ways to set up keyboard shortcuts. On the other hand, and I recently came across pass, and it provides everything I want.