Writing a Program in Bash

I don’t really know why, but writing code in Bash makes me kinda anxious. It feels really old, outdated, and confusing. Why can’t a function return a string? And no classes, or even data types? After getting confused, usually, I just end up switching to Python. But this time, I decided to stick with Bash. And I am surprised. It is unbelievebly good. I must say, now I understand the Unix philosophy much better. Having small programs doing one thing very good allows you to combine the power of those programs in your scripts. You think your favourite programming language has a lot of libraries? Well, bash has access to more. The entire Unix ecosystem powers bash. Converting videos, taking screenshots, sending mails, downloading and processing pages; there are already command line tools for all of that, and you have great access to all of them.

The program I’ve started writing is called WoWutils. And I’m still shocked at just how much functionality I have added with so little code. If you are considering writing a program in Bash too, just go through with it. It really is very powerful.